Price: $88,314


  • Condition: New vehicle
  • Manufacturer: PRINCECRAFT
  • Model: S-FISH LX25
  • Year: 2022
  • Stock #: N0026
  • Type: Pontoon boats
  • VIN: QJT37003I122
  • Exterior colour: Black
  • Cylinders: 1
  • Fuel: Gasoline



The Princecraft Sportfisher is an exceptional boat designed to provide an unparalleled fishing experience. With its sleek design and premium features, this boat is the perfect choice for fishing enthusiasts seeking performance and comfort.

This boat stands out with its sturdy aluminum hull, which ensures exceptional durability while being lightweight and easy to maneuver. The Princecraft Sportfisher is available in different sizes to meet the needs of every angler, whether fishing in freshwater or saltwater.

The interior of the Princecraft Sportfisher is thoughtfully laid out to offer optimal fishing space. You'll find spacious fishing platforms, smart storage for your equipment, and comfortable seats for you and your fishing companions. Additionally, the Princecraft Sportfisher is equipped with numerous options such as rod holders, integrated livewells, and advanced sonar systems to help you locate fish.

The performance of the Princecraft Sportfisher is also remarkable thanks to its powerful engines and hydrodynamic design. It glides smoothly on the water, allowing you to quickly reach your favorite fishing spots.

Whether you're an experienced angler looking for the best boat for your fishing adventures or a novice wanting to experience the joys of fishing, the Princecraft Sportfisher is the ideal choice. Its combination of quality, comfort, and performance makes it a top-notch fishing boat ready to accompany you on all your outings on the sea or lakes. Enjoy every moment on the water with the Princecraft Sportfisher.