You’d like to be able to be ecologically responsible while practicing your nautical activities? An electric personal watercraft could give you all the sought-after fun while keeping your activities eco-friendly. The Elaqua model adds to this idea a whole lot of additional innovative technologies.

Learn more about this personal watercraft for sale, its electric performance, its design, and the technologies it integrates.

Ride Like You Want to

Does electricity offer fewer possibilities than traditional fossil fuel? Not at all! With the Elaqua electric PWC, you can benefit from not only a powerful engine, but also a special interface that lets you choose your own driving mode:

  • A launch mode for maximum speed
  • A cruise mode for a smoother experience
  • A pristine mode that lowers speed and engine noises

As such, depending on whether you’re surrounded by people or all alone on the water and ready to test your limits, there’s a driving mode for you!

One of the greatest benefits of this electric watercraft is that it gives you the opportunity to enjoy a silent driving experience. It combines pleasure and quietness so you can avoid annoying your neighbours.

Electric models like the Elaqua allow you to be efficient at a very low price. Indeed, the price of fuel is a non-negligible consideration while riding on a personal watercraft equipped with a thermic engine! Among other things, you won’t have to carry fuel with you, since you’ll only need a charger.

A Green Experience With No Compromises

The Elaqua jetski is equipped with a cutting edge 37.1-kWh lithium iron phosphate battery. This type of batteries ensures maximum performances, even when it’s starting to run low on power. No matter the circumstances, these batteries will give you the performances you want.

Besides, the Elaqua’s batteries are stable and less toxic than other batteries using different materials. It’s one of the greenest options available!

Thanks to this battery, the Elaqua PWC can travel up to 130 km on a single charge. You can get a level 2 fast charging station at a very reasonable price.

If you want to recharge even faster, you can also get a level 3 charger. You’ll then be able to fully charge your personal watercraft in only 20 minutes!

According to Nick Burnham, journalist for Motorboat:

“Choosing the 50-knot Elaqua electric jetski over a petrol-powered alternative is a no-brainer.”

He also brings out all the performances and numerous benefits of the new Elaqua model.

Cutting-Edge Technologies

Whether you’re a technophile or not, you’ll surely be impressed by the new digital interface offered by Elaqua. With a 15.5-inch well-lit touchscreen, you can control every parameter of your experience with intuitive controls.

Notably, you’ll be able to play your favourite music thanks to the integration of both Spotify and Tune-In Radio. The infotainment system also includes:

  • 5G connectivity
  • Wi-Fi functionality
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • GPS signal

Innovative, the personal watercraft allows you to create videos all while driving the vehicle! The 3 on-board HD cameras also act as a great tool to assist you while you’re navigating. The Elaqua also incorporates 8 sensors and 3 radar systems.

Finally, you’ll be able to easily access information or execute remote tasks, such as:

  • Startup
  • Camera control
  • Check the charge level
  • And a lot more!

A Modern and Efficient Design

The Elaqua is not only an efficient model, it’s also a PWC that will please you visually! It offers a wide variety of trendy equipment and accessories, allowing you to customize it according to your tastes. For instance, you can equip it with:

  • Different non-slip traction mats
  • An option for a forged fibre carbon coating
  • Stainless steel design touches

All Elaquas are lit up by a 12-colour light strip. Even in complete silence, you won’t go unnoticed!

Not only is it easy on the eye, it’s also designed in an effective way with a carbon fibre polymer hull and stainless steel reinforcements. This PWC’s design embraces practicality, ensuring maximum durability. An insulating foam also adds to the heap of great features that guarantee a smooth and stable ride.

It’s for all these reasons and more that the manufacturer offers an interesting warranty:


Personal Watercraft

1 year/50 hours


3 years/200 hours

As such, the new Elaqua personal watercraft is a choice of both reason and desire. 100% electric, it will reduce your ecological footprint all while offering both performance and style without any compromises, without forgetting about its cutting-edge features.

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