2018 Polaris RZR XP 4 Turbo Dynamix Edition Test Drive

Polaris, who already offered over 6 categories of side-by-side vehicles (RZR, Ranger, General, Ace, Sportsman and youth), has taken their RZR lineup up another notch in 2018 with the new Dynamix edition. All available at Thibault Marine, even the Dynamix edition, well worth a look!

image of the new RZR XP Dynamix side by side

Dynamix active suspension technology is the first and only intelligent suspension system designed for off-road vehicles.

This ingenious system monitors and analyzes driving and terrain data over 200 times per second. It is therefore able to adjust the firmness of each shock absorber individually at any time. On the dashboard there is a switch that allows the driver to click between Comfort, Sport or Firm modes. Three factory preset modes.

image of a red RZR XP Dynamix side by side

Before setting off, Polaris recommends choosing either comfort or sport mode and letting the suspension do the rest. Rather than choosing a single suspension mode while riding so, we end up with the best of all worlds by letting the Dynamix technology adapt for us, no matter the terrain.

At first, we decided to test the comfort mode.

When we accelerated, in addition to letting us feel the Turbo, which is faster than any other Turbo by the way, the rear shocks stiffened in order to use all the power of the engine to propel us forward.

In the corners, the speed of adjustment was even more impressive. The outer shocks firm up to keep you flat and they automatically readjust even when you counter-steer.

The comfort mode really stood out as we passed through a trail with bad bumps and crevices, as despite the ground conditions, the suspension smoothed out the terrain and made the ride very bearable and comfortable. The terrain got even rougher under the vehicle with deeper and deeper crevasses, but the Firm mode engaged automatically and we found that the suspension increased its firmness to keep us perfectly in control.

In summary, we were impressed with all the modes and the more than effective responsiveness of the Dynamix active suspension technology. This is THE choice for any side-by-side enthusiast. One thing to remember is that in order to keep the great performance of this vehicle in good condition, it is necessary to have it serviced regularly by specialists who will take care of it like Thibault Marine.

image of two persons driving their red RZR XP Dynamix side by side

In conclusion, the reputation of the RZR XP 4 Turbo Dynamix Edition exceeds expectations! It’s safe to say that its already established reputation will only increase over time, leaving Polaris still at the top of the side-by-side category. There is no doubt that they will continue to surprise us in the years to come. The Dynamix edition is of course available at Thibault Marine, the only team of experts that will also surpass your expectations. The price of this RZR can sometimes be a barrier to its purchase, but the pleasure and ease of driving this vehicle no matter the terrain is well worth it. Moreover, financing is quick and easy at Thibault Marine so you can leave with this impressive machine and go enjoy it!