For 2018, Polaris is bringing us a brand new snowmobile model. It’s the first concept of its kind in the industry and it’s sure to please the next generation!

We are talking about the new Indy Evo, of course. If you haven’t heard of it yet, it’s a little revolution for young and new riders. Also, your Thibault Marine recreational vehicle dealer offers you this snowmobile as well as all the accessories available, and this, at the best possible financing adapted specifically for you!

image of a man standing by his new polaris indy EVO

More precisely, it is a trail snowmobile adapted for the youngest on the ergonomic side, but also on the performance. They should be much more comfortable and they will be able to follow more easily the experienced riders. The format of this snowmobile is more compact, being lower and narrower. This lowers the center of gravity and makes it easier for young and/or small riders to control. The handlebars are also smaller, lower and narrower. Since it is lower, it offers great visibility, but no worries about wind protection, as it is still based on the AXYS chassis with effective windscreens and fins.

Image of a bleu polaris indy EVO

On the performance side, the new 2018 Indy Evo promises 550cc for a controlled speed of up to 80 km/h. Performance high enough for riders to have a lot of fun, but controlled enough not to worry parents! Of course, as the rider’s skills improve, you’ll be able to get a kit of accessories that provide more power to the snowmobile.

Image of the polaris indy EVO motor Image of the back of the polaris indy EVO

That’s the beauty of this model: Allowing new riders to get comfortable and then adapt that same snowmobile to their growing skill level. No need to change models 2, 3 or 4 times!

There are also other interesting features, like the independent front suspension with adjustable position. It allows the driver to evolve with the snowmobile so that he or she stays in control as experience increases.

To learn more about this new model, unique in the industry, come meet the specialists at Thibault Marine! New or used, they will advise you on the right model for you.

Image of two persons driving their polaris indy EVO outside in the snow