The SnowCheck is an opportunity that comes only once a year. The last few years at Polaris were marked by innovation, and that continues to be the case for 2024!

Thibault Marine will tell you about the latest innovations at Polaris Canada, including the SnowCheck snowmobile models of the year. Also discover a comprehensive selection of snowmobile suits at the dealership.

SnowCheck Exclusives

With SnowCheck, you can customize your snowmobile according to your taste thanks to a large number of options. For instance, you can select among various premium colours. Not only do you get to choose the colour of the Polaris snowmobile, but you also get to choose the colour of the tunnel and the rails. 

In addition to the basic engines, the SnowCheck models allow you to select higher performance powertrains depending on the model. In 2024, discover the new Patriot 9R and Patriot Boost!

Different track lengths are available, including the all-new 325 Series 9 track. Made to attack deep snow, it’s equipped with 8.9-cm lugs with 9.3-cm Polaris-exclusive studs. 

Finally, you can customize your windshield, your suspension’s performance level and much more to create a model reflecting your personality. 

The 2024 SnowCheck Models

What are the snowmobile models offered by Polaris in Quebec? Here are the SnowCheck exclusives that you can preorder today.

Pro RMK Slash

A true mountain beast, the Pro RMK Slash gives you off-trail precision driving. Exclusively with SnowCheck, you can swap the classic 850 Patriot engine for a Patriot Boost or a Patriot 9R. 

The first option is an enhanced version of the SmartBoost system that gives you more precision and handling. The second option, the Patriot 9R, is the latest specimen, offering 7% more power and up to 12% additional torque. The journalist Jim Norlander, in his test of the 2024 Polaris Pro RMK Slash, highlighted the engine’s performance:

“This quick, powerful and responsive motor is perfect for mountain riders headed to tight trees or technical terrain.”

RMK Khaos Slash

With four choices of engines, including the Patriot 9R and Patriot Boost, the RMK Khaos Slash offers a performance that’s equal to the task! Combined with the RMK rear suspension, the powertrain provides you with handling and control in spades.

Moreover, this year’s RMK models benefit from new reversible ice scratchers that throws the snow to cool your machine and maximize power! 

In addition to the regular colours, you can go wild with a neon colour or an audacious mix of exuberant mauve with brilliant green! The SnowCheck gives you various attractive options.

Indy VR1

For memorable experiences on the trails, the Indy VR1 snowmobile gives you a controlled ride with advanced technologies. This exclusive SnowCheck model offers three engine options:

  • Patriot 650
  • Patriot 850
  • Patriot Boost

You can also choose the new generation PRO-CC suspension for even more handling capacity on the trails. Moreover, the Walker Evans Racing Velocity shock absorbers provide you with a smooth and pleasant driving experience.

Indy XCR

The high-performance Indy XCR is another SnowCheck exclusive model in the Indy lineup, and it’s available with a Patriot 650 or Patriot 850 engine. Designed for racing, it offers nothing less than 6 track options:

  • 15 x 128 x 1.25 Ice Ripper
  • 15 x 128 x 1.35 Cobra
  • 15 x 128 x 1.6 Cobra
  • 15 x 136 x 1.25 Ice Ripper
  • 15 x 136 x 1.35 Cobra
  • 15 x 136 x 1.6 Cobra

As for the colour options for your machine, you can select sporty accents with a premium combination of red pearl, white lightning and Polaris blue.

Switchback Assault

And last but not least: the Switchback Assault is the perfect snowmobile for sale for those looking for versatility on or off the trail. In addition, its tipped rail design is perfect for cornering and flotation on deep snow. Its narrow cockpit is designed to make you feel more connected to your snowmobile, all for better handling. 

This crossover gives you 3 high-performance engine options including the Cobra, Ice Storm or Crossover tracks, built to meet your needs. For more advice on choosing the right accessories, don’t hesitate to contact your Polaris dealer!

At Thibault Marine, in Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts in the Laurentians, you can order your SnowCheck model as well as various Polaris parts. To complete your set, a selection of snowmobile boots and helmets await you at the store. We are looking forward to equipping you for the 2024 season!

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