In the field of recreational vehicles, Thibault Marine, the Polaris Quebec dealer, is a legend. Located in Sainte-Agathe-Des-Monts in the Laurentians, on the North Shore of Montreal, it offers an impressive range of vehicles in the field of motorized sports, both new and pre-owned.

image of a man in sporty clothes driving his polaris snowmobile

During our visit to Thibault Marine, we were able to test the 2019 Polaris Titan Adventure. This Touring model is first characterized by its very large front windshield as well as the hand guards for the rear passenger. A 12V power outlet as well as a heated visor outlet are available on the front of the Polaris. This Touring edition is also equipped with a color screen with interactive digital display. It includes a GPS, which is very useful for trail riding and planning trips. Heated front and rear seats are also available. Heated grips are also integrated into the very ergonomic seat. Interestingly, the storage space integrated into the rear rack provides a lot of extra room.

During our trail test, we were pleasantly surprised by the Polaris Titan Adventure’s handling and flexibility. Thanks to its Axys chassis, the riding position becomes very comfortable and precise. In addition, the 20-inch wide track at the rear gives the beast its full potential in terms of stability and comfort. Speaking of comfort, it’s worth mentioning that the Polaris Titan Adventure is equipped with a versatile suspension system, allowing it to pull a fairly heavy load over good distances. We experienced this and were amazed at the reliability and power of the Polaris.

We also had fun on a hilly trail and, in the bumps, during the ride, the vehicle remained very comfortable. On a long distance trip, performance and comfort are definitely there. Also, since this Polaris is equipped with the Axys-Titan chassis, which is far superior to other reputable snowmobiles, it is just as enjoyable to reverse in heavy snow, for example.

image of a man with sportif clothes in his polaris snowmobile

In short, our road test was very convincing. Back at Thibault Marine, we were welcomed by snowmobile experts who were able to guide us in our final choice. The team of professionals gave us an experience worthy of this company, which has been in business for more than 55 years in the Laurentian region, located in Sainte-Agathe-Des-Monts. Indeed, each of the characteristics was explained to us in detail, such as the work of the engineers on the machine, the optimal distribution of the loads, the new cooling system to keep the Polaris Titan Adventure at the right temperature, etc.

In short, Thibault Marine, Polaris Quebec dealer, offers sound advice and unbeatable prices on its new and used recreational vehicles. Its vast experience in powersports vehicles makes it a leader in Quebec. Our trail test convinced us of the accuracy, comfort and power of this beast in deep or loose snow. The work done by Polaris on this model is simply brilliant and deserves an honorable mention. Thibault Marine is a flagship in the region, but it is also a quality brand. Come today to acquire your Polaris Titan Adventure and bite into the Quebec winter.