Proudly made in Quebec, Princecraft vehicles are among the best watercrafts there are if you want to take full advantage of the lakes and rivers of our belle province.  

At Thibault Marine, we want to share with you our enthusiasm for the 2023 Princecraft vehicles lineup, which includes fishing boats, deck boats and pontoon boats that are sure to please you.

2023 Princecraft Fishing Boats

Although previous years left nothing to be desired, in 2023 the Princecraft fishing boats lineup is even more impressive. No matter your budget and what kind of boat you’re looking for, you’ll find a vehicle to suit your taste.

Take for example the Jon boats: These aluminium boats give you ultimate simplicity. They are built to accommodate your passengers and a motor, and they are perfect if you’re looking for a tough boat that can take some and more.

Always on the practical side, the manufacturer’s 2023 boat models start at $3,880. It’s a sure way to save while getting your hands on the superior quality that the Princecraft brand represents.

If it’s always interesting to look at more economical options, it’s just as important to mention that Princecraft has a wide range of fishing boats that will please you, no matter your budget. 

In fact, the Platinum SE series, designed for supreme comfort and ultimate luxury for a craft of this type, starts at $86,127.

In total, Princecraft offers nine different fishing boat series that can all be customized with a wide range of accessories and options.

In buying Princecraft, many elements of your boat can be customized, like:

  • Appearance and colour
  • Engine and power
  • Included accessories, etc.

No matter what your dream boat looks like, Princecraft can build it for you.

2023 Princecraft Pontoon Boats

Once again, Princecraft offers you tons of choices. Before we even start talking about the different pontoon boat series that the manufacturer put on the market, it’s important to note that Princecraft pontoon boats come in four different possible configurations:

  • The Standard configuration, designed for simplicity and for saving
  • The Speed configuration, to go fast and cover great distances quickly
  • The Performance configuration, designed for maneuverability and loading capacity
  • The Sport configuration, that combines the advantages of the Speed configuration and Performance configuration.

In short, Princecraft is there to offer you a vehicle that’s perfectly adapted to your desires.

The 2023 Princecraft pontoon boats lineup include a total of seven different series, with various differences between each of them.

For example, the Brio series offer you an electric vehicle starting at $29,154. It allows you to benefit from all the Princecraft advantages at an excellent price. 

Then there’s the Vogue series, that’s offered with its own version of the Performance configuration, so that you can have the best possible experience on the water.

This series start at $79,453 and include accessories like a Simrad display and an impressive look with black stainless steel.

2023 Princecraft Deck Boats

If the pontoon boat is too massive for you and the fishing boat too small, you should know that Princecraft also offers a good variety of deck boats, the perfect compromise between these two vehicles.

Designed to offer you a maximum of space and comfort without sacrificing the pleasure of fishing, deck boats are the best of both worlds.

The 2023 Princecraft lineup include the Ventura series, made up of six different boats, each of them highly customizable. 

This series include various accessories, like:

  • Built-in floor cooler
  • Ski storage compartment
  • A radio with a USB plug and Bluetooth compatibility
  • Storage under every seat
  • And much more!

The 2023 Ventura 192 is available starting at $64,905, and it will give you more than enough to enjoy for years.

If you want the best that the manufacturer can offer you, the Ventura 23 RL starts at $89,245 and it gives you more seating space than you’ll know what to do with. It includes a leisure zone with lounge seats and L-shaped furniture.

Inside, you’ll also find other accessories that ensure you won’t be lacking anything, like a wireless charger for your smartphone.

In front of this abundance of choices, let an expert advise you: Thibault Marine, it’s a team of outdoors vehicles professionals that are there to help you.

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