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Polaris® 850 Patriot™ Sleds Factory Build - Polaris Snowmobiles

Watch sleds built with the 850 Patriot™ engine in Roseau, Minnesota and see the most powerful Polaris snowmobile come to life.

Polaris® 850 Patriot™ Engine Factory Build - Polaris Snowmobiles

Watch the 850 Patriot™ Engine built with pride in Osceola, Wisconsin and see the most powerful Polaris snowmobile engine come to life.

Tips to Prepare Your Sled for Riding Season - Polaris Snowmobiles

Get your sled ready to ride! Pre-season maintenance tips and tricks to ensure your sled is ready to go for the season.

2019 Polaris® Snowmobiles - Born For More - Polaris Snowmobiles

We live at the heart of the ride. Because we believe that every moment on the snow should be a reason to ride again. To experience more of what unites us as snowmobilers and to forge deeper bonds in the wild, snowy places we live to ride in. Together, we are BORN FOR MORE.

Craig Scanlon SMG | Beyond The Dirt | Polaris RZR®

Passion exudes from the office to the off-road. CEO and Team RZR Factory off-road racer Craig Scanlon shares his story, granting you behind the scenes access to his off-road racing career.

Aujourd'hui, on parle de batteries!.

Parlons tech avec Chad - Saison 3, Ep 3 : Dans les épisodes précédents, nous avons discuté des avantages de changer pour notre gamme de produits à batterie. Si vous avez fait ce choix ou vous voulez essayer l'un de nos produits, il y a certaines choses importantes que vous devez savoir. Aujourd'hui, on parle de batteries!

Découvrez par vous-même la différence qu'un iMow peut faire

Les robots de tonte sont très présents en Europe et cet engouement commence à se manifester en Amérique du Nord. Avec toutes les marques sur le marché, ce genre d'appareil est plus accessible que jamais et il est important de comprendre ce que chaque modèle a à offrir.

72" RZR XP Turbo S | Bred Smarter | Polaris RZR® XP Turbo S - Unleash the Beast

New 72-Inch XP Turbo S is the Most Capable RZR Ever. Bred Smarter: DYNAMIX Active SuspensionTM, and Ride CommandTM Come Standard

The Regal 26 Express

Experience the great adventure with the Regal 26 Express. Superior functionality combined with unparalleled comfort. With unlimited versatility of cockpit seats and a generous saloon, a full front berth complete with an entertainment center and a full-size aft berth, this bold cruiser is the boat for you.

Princecraft 2018 - Resorter DL SC - Fishing boat

16 feet designed for fishing! Accommodating up to 4 people on board, enjoy your favorite sport and everything this boat has to offer: ergonomic design, raised fishing platform at the front, 2 x 7-foot rods for fishing rods, livewell and more. Why want more? This boat, which can be equipped with an outboard motor ranging from 30 to 40 hp, has everything to make your fishing trips memorable.

Princecraft 2018 - Vogue 29 XT - Pontoon boat

This 29'-10 '' pontoon offers all the comforts and conveniences you enjoy at home ... and more. A steering console with integrated kitchenette (sink, faucet with electric pump and portable water tank), ultra soft upholstery, lounge chairs, radio, swim platform at the back and much more. Practice your favorite water sports or stroll with 16 friends. Equip your pontoon with a 200 to 400 hp engine, with the standard performance configuration, and get ready to have fun!

All-New Polaris Engineered Accessories™ for the RZR® RS1 | Polaris RZR®

Polaris RZR product leader Jace Reinke walks through the new accessory line-up for the Polaris RZR® RS1.

2018 Polaris Snowmobiles - Polaris Snowmobiles

Polaris sleds offer terrain dominating control, so you can ride with confidence in any landscape. Leading the industry in superior performance, lightweight agility and the ultimate ride & handling, the full Polaris lineup brings something for every rider.

RZR Agility Science | Polaris RZR®

Breaking down the science behind Agility and how RZR engineers it in combination with Suspension and Power for the best off-road performance.

There here STIHL Lithium-Ion

STIHL's wireless speakers are designed for noise-sensitive areas as well as at home and in the garden.


For almost a century, Larson has been committed to building the best boating experience that will bring you years of unforgettable memories. Our history is one of innovation, safety, quality and a commitment to bringing families together through a better water experience. We invite you and your family to start a new nautical tradition by becoming part of ours.

Last week, while I was still hesitating in my Internet research to choose a "Polaris dealers Quebec" snowmobile, I went to Thibault Marine Inc, a recreational vehicle dealer located in Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts, in the Laurentians, near Mont-Tremblant and Saint-Jérôme. An advisor immediately referred me to the 2019 Pro RMK 850. Why? He told me that Polaris have a lot of advantages and remain smooth and maneuverable on just about any snow surface.

Afterwards, we took the time to discuss this model a bit more. I was happy to hear that this snowmobile has stood the test of time and provides a lot of stability to the snowmobile. Also, when it came to the engine, the expert on the floor immediately mentioned to me that with an 850 engine, the machine was very powerful and that combined with a 155 inch track, for example, I would have no trouble getting out longer on the crazy snow. He then informed me that the 2019 ProRMK had a new look and that the comfort had been upgraded, the handlebars slightly higher and has better visibility.

On the other hand, what caught my attention the most was the new REACT suspension of the Polaris. This one, as its name indicates, is more "Reactive", according to the expert. Indeed, he mentions that this suspension makes it possible to adjust the width between the skis up to a length of 36 inches, even 38. It offers more flexibility when touring, and makes it easier to negotiate turns. In short, it's more predictive in both crazy off-piste snow and on harder trails. If we mention that this front suspension is REACT, it's because we also want to emphasize that with its new forged A-arms and ski axles, this one is the most responsive of all and that there is 16% less inertia compared to the competition.

To find out for sure, I asked for a test ride on and off the track. Immediately, I felt a clear difference and a remarkable ease. In fact, the all-new RMK React Pro front suspension offers a precise and effortless ride in both deep and loose snow. I tested both and was impressed. I effortlessly initiated the side slopes of a mountain and, at the end, felt less fatigue and I can say without a doubt that I was in control and felt the precision on the handlebars.

Back from this test, my expert told me again and again about this React suspension. He mentioned the all-new geometry with an adjustable position from 36 to 38 inches of travel, a sway bar designed for much more predictable handling, and much more. Side by side with other models, I could immediately see the important differences. They are obvious.

This new feature makes it easier to negotiate off-road obstacles, the snowmobile has always been light, but stiff at the same time with this increased strength and durability in its platform. Furthermore, as I was able to test it during my trip, this snowmobile helps to stand up faster on the snow, thus facilitating a stand-up riding to see even further and increase the visibility radius. Pure sport!

In short, my experience at Thibault Marine was conclusive. Both the advice of a pro and my test ride on the trail and off-road convinced me of this Polaris, but especially of its new React suspension which makes a clear difference. I can only warmly recommend this model choice for 2019.

Come now to Thibault Marine, your recreational vehicle dealer in Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts in the Laurentians, near Mont-Tremblant and Saint-Jérôme to test drive the all-new Polaris ProRMK 850 and get the best price. This snowmobile has bite and flexibility at the same time, making it an exceptional machine for the more daring snowmobiler. We are waiting for you, because we have a Polaris snowmobile for sale for you.

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